Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga is a learning method rather than another style of Yoga practice. It is a pathway to classical yoga creating a clear continuum between the Dynamic Yoga learning formats and the traditional practice formats of classical yoga. At the heart of Dynamic Yoga and Classical Yoga is the principle and practice of Vinyasa Krama (step by step) This is applied in four ways

  1. The postures are learned in stages. This allows for gradual assimilation of the underlying techniques, which are gradually built up from the foundation to constitute the whole.
  2. The postures are entered in specific steps. Each step is synchronized with and inhalation or exhalation. The number of steps taken depends on the proficiency of the student. The more capable the less steps.
  3. The postures are introduced gradually, either linked in groups or individuality. This is done according to their accessibility and effect, so that they prepare the ground for each other in accessible sequences. This allows the body to open without strain or exhaustion and the mind to open without resistance.
  4. The posture sequences are also introduced sequentially according to their accessibility and effect. Again each one prepares for the one that follows, so that the student is empowered gradually, safetly and effectively.

Dynamic Yoga Workshops

Our yoga workshops are designed for the complete beginner to the advanced practitioner. We have available 2 hour and 3 hour workshops and all can be combined with massages if required! Please contact us for formats and scheduling.


Dynamic Yoga Workshop 2 hour -Establishing Foundation and Principles

Sensitizing the breath/pranayama Asana practice – discovering pathways for sensitive,honest practice Shavasana/Meditation Discussion/questions on the principles of Dynamic Yoga Practice.


Dynamic Yoga Workshop 3 hour

Guided Pranayama/deepening the sensitivity of the breath Asana Practice – deepening the invitation to enquire into the nature and sensitivtiy of the body. Shavasana/Mediation Discussion/questions on the deeper principles of Dynamic Yoga Practice. Posture presentation.


yoga classes

Beginners yoga

Guiding slowly into the foundation of basic postures, breathing and relaxation.

     60 mins   $90
     90 mins   $120

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

Guiding with mindfulness using the Dynamic method of practice flowing asana together penetrating the body into deeper levels of awareness of self and breath.

     60 mins   $90
     90 mins   $120

Intermediate yoga

Guiding slowly with emphasis on intermediate techniques building on firm foundations into deeper awareness within asana, breath and acceptance.

     60 mins   $90
     90 mins   $120

One-to-one sessions


Yoga for kids

Don't forget the little ones! Mini yogi’s and yogini’s from ages 7-13 explore breath and movement in playful ways.

     45 mins   $60
     90 mins   $120