Body Work

All our Massage Therapists and Beauticians are Internationally Trained and Certified.
We use only the best high quality Professional Products and Equipment for all of our treatments. Our massage creams and oils have options for sensitive skin or allergies. If you have any specific requirements please let us know in advance and we will happy to help accommodate your request the best we can.

If you have any health issues are pregnant or have any other concerns please advise us at the time of booking so we can be prepared for you fully and when the time comes for your “time” you can fully relax and enjoy!

Once you have made your appointment there is nothing else for you to but let us take care of you. Let your vacation begin!

With kindness

massage treatments

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A wonderful massage using long flowing effleurage strokes to warm the muscles and ease tension gradually combining soft tissue manipulations to release toxins, improving blood supply and stimulating the systems of the body, whilst at the same time relaxing as the long slow strokes allow the body to let go.

     60 mins   $120
     90 mins   $150

Holistic Aromatherapy

Using pure 100% essential oils blended with carrier oil and combined with the long flowing strokes of a Swedish massage, the oils are chosen by preference of the client and the base oil is nut free oil. The Holistic properties of the oils being, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual engage in a powerful aroma that creates a healing effect on the whole body. This is a light to medium pressure massage designed to induce deep relaxation.

     60 mins   $120
     90 mins   $150

Deep Tissue Massage

Ideal for those who enjoy a deeper massage using techniques to manipulate the deeper muscles and connective tissue to release tight muscles and built up toxins.

     60 mins   $120
     90 mins   $160

Chavutti Thirumal Massage

This Ayurvedic massage technique using a rope or frame for support.The massage in on a cushion massage floor mat with the recipient laying,the practitioner uses her feet to glide over the body, using a variety of strokes the muscles are relaxed, lengthened and relieved of tension. This massage is for those who are active and enjoy a deep pressure massage.

     60 mins   $130
     90 mins   $150

Trigger Point and Sports Massage

This specialized massage is for those who have acute or chronic problems, have deep massage regularly are sports orientated or simply enjoy having their knots removed!

     30 mins   $70
     60 mins   $120

Anti Jet Lag Massage

Revitalize your body and reduce instantly the effects of jet lag with our tonic massage to encourage circulation.

     60 mins   $120

combination treatments

Aromatherapy/Swedish massage with Head and facial massage

Starting with massage and again allowing 15 to 30 minutes extra time following your massage to pay attention to your head,using pressure points for relieving sinus congestion and aiding relaxation and working from the neck to forehead to smooth out the muscles of the face and using pressure points to revitalize.Ideal for those who enjoy the joy the deep sense of relaxation of a head massage.

     75 mins   $140
     90 mins   $160

Assisted yoga postures and Swedish massage

Relax into yoga postures! Starting with massage on the table to relax, warm and prepare the body for assisted yoga stretches on a cushioned floor mat.Finishing with a foot and head massage to leave the body light and grounded.Ideal for people who enjoy stretching but find it difficult to maintain the position for very long.Using the therapist as a support it is possible to move in and out of the stretch without force.

     75 mins   $140
     90 mins   $160

Swedish massage and Hot Stones

Placing heated volcanic stones on different areas of the body to induce warming and relaxation of the muscles and combined with swedish massage and the stones for deeper work on tight muscles,this combination is a treat and warms the body through to the core,leaving the client purely relaxed!

     60 mins   $140
     90 mins   $160

beauty treatments

Body Scrub and Shea butter moisturize

A perfect start to your vacation your skin will feel soft and smooth, revealing fresh polished skin ready for the sunshine!

     45 mins   $80


For men or women, using the PHYT'S line of organic products this full facial, consists of a full cleanse with skin warming techniques, exfoliation, mask, tonic, facial massage and moisturizer.

     60 mins   $130
     90 mins   $150


Classic French manicure. Incorporates relaxing hand massage and leaves you with elegant soft and smooth hands.

     Full manicure   $55


Again, Classic or Vibrant colors, incorporating a foot scrub and foot massage to revive your tired feet. Happy feet leave Happy footprints!

     Full pedicure   $65