Opening times & Dates

The Spa runs from 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday. If you require any services after 6pm the price incurs $20 extra per hour. No appointments will be made after 8pm.

Our Policy


Compassion in Action ("CIA") works with Independent Therapists. The Client agrees to indemnity and hold CIA and it's referrals harmless for any acts by a therapist that are negligent, including but not limited to misconduct, loss or damage to property, personal injury, attorney's fees and costs.


All we ask is to respect that we have dedicated time for you. We understand that visiting you in your Villa may well involve more of our time, which we graciously give within reason. Please be sure to re-confirm your Bookings and Time with us and if any services need to be cancelled please do so 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time. Cancellations made after this time cannot be refunded. We realize that some circumstances are unavoidable but as courtesy to other clients and ourselves please be sure at the time of booking. If we ourselves have to reschedule appointments with you we will try doing so with maximum amount of notice beforehand.

Respectfully, The Compassion in Action Team